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Welcome to the Madurese Wikipedia[beccè' sombher]

Hello, and welcome to the Madurese Wikipedia! :D

The wiki was just created a few minutes ago, and I have imported all content here from the Incubator. Let me know if I've missed anything!

When a new wiki is created, there are a few things that don't work properly in the beginning, because there are many parts of the Wikimedia system that need to be synced up. The problems I am aware of are these:

  • The stats on Special:Statistics (and also from magic words like {{NUMBEROFARTICLES}}) will show 0 for everything until an initial database update of some sort has been made. This usually takes less than one week.
  • Visual editor will not work properly for existing pages. You can use it for creating new pages, but if you try to edit an existing page, you will just get a blank page instead.
  • Wikidata support (i.e. interwiki links and fetching data via modules, etc) does not work yet.

Most of these problems should be solved "by themselves" within 2 weeks, but usually faster. If anything takes longer than that, or if you notice any other issues, please let me know, and I can help figure out how to solve them.

I would also suggest that you start a village pump page for discussions. That would also be an appropriate place to hold preliminary administrator elections. Let me know if you need any help or guidance there too.

Congratulations on the good work you and all your co-contributors have made so far – keep it up! Jon Harald Søby (kanḍhâ) 21:23, 15 Dèsèmber 2020 (WIB)

I also asked stewards to give you temporary admin status for one month. If you want to continue to be an admin after that, you can make a Request for Adminship here and then request the rights to be assigned on m:SRP. --MF-Warburg (kanḍhâ) 22:01, 15 Dèsèmber 2020 (WIB)

Hello Jon Harald Søby and MF-Warburg, thank you for your awesome works and the team as well! Finally, after months of works we have our own Wikipedia. And yes, I'll try to request on adminship. By the way, what about the logo? Friend of mine uploaded logo here [1], but I think its size more than 135x155 px. Is it okay to use it or should we upload on another size?--Boesenbergia (kanḍhâ) 00:01, 16 Dèsèmber 2020 (WIB)
It's best to make a request on phabricator: for it to be added, the developers can say if it is ok. --MF-Warburg (kanḍhâ) 00:02, 16 Dèsèmber 2020 (WIB)

Administrators page[beccè' sombher]


Undangan urun pikiran dalam konsultasi Kode Etik Universal[beccè' sombher]


Semoga Anda dalam keadaan baik dan sehat. Nama saya Ramzy Muliawan, mewakili tim Kode Etik Universal (UCoC) Yayasan Wikimedia bagi komunitas bahasa-bahasa Indonesia dan Melayu. Saya ingin mengabarkan bahwa proses konsultasi UCoC tahap kedua akan dimulai pada hari Senin, 18 Januari 2021.

Konsultasi tahap kedua UCoC akan berfokus pada perumusan mekanisme penerapan dan penegakan yang efektif dan berlaku bagi seluruh proyek-proyek Wikimedia. Sebagai pengurus di Wikipedia bahasa Madura, saya ingin mengundang Anda untuk ikut urun pikiran dan gagasan. Tahap kedua ini penting mengingat UCoC merupakan salah satu mandat yang paling utama dari proses Strategi Gerakan Wikimedia dan akan menjadi standar minimum bagi kebijakan tingkah laku di proyek-proyek Wikimedia.

Untuk memulai, Anda dapat meninjau terlebih dahulu beberapa hal terkait UCoC. Halaman berikut tersedia dalam bahasa Indonesia:

Setelah itu, Anda dapat berkomentar pada halaman permohonan pendapat di Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia sampai akhir bulan Februari 2021. Untuk mitra lokal gerakan Wikimedia, kami juga merencanakan proses konsultasi terpisah yang akan diinformasikan kemudian.

Saya memohon maaf karena keterbatasan sumber daya, diskusi hanya dapat diselenggarakan dalam bahasa Indonesia dan tidak dapat dalam bahasa-bahasa daerah lain yang dipertuturkan di Indonesia. Namun, Anda amat dianjurkan untuk berkomentar dan menyampaikan pendapat sesuai dengan situasi, kondisi, dan nilai-nilai budaya yang berlaku di komunitas Madura.

Bila Anda memiliki pertanyaan lain atau ingin menyampaikan respon yang dirasa lebih sesuai disampaikan pada ruang privat, silakan balas surel ini atau hubungi saya melalui Telegram.

Atas perhatian Anda, saya ucapkan terima kasih.

Salam hangat,

Ramzy Muliawan
Fasilitator Konsultasi Kode Etik Universal, Yayasan Wikimedia

-- RamzyM (WMF) (kanḍhâ) 15:42, 15 Jânuwari 2021 (WIB)